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Bland Diet For Dogs: How and When To Use Plain Food

Bland Doesn't Have to Mean Boring

If you think that dogs can chew and eat anything, think again. Most dogs actually have some kind of stomach sensitivity or allergy that we are not aware of. This makes dogs susceptible to different digestive problems that are ignored and later on may get worse. This calls for a bland diet for dogs. Your vet will also recommend a bland diet especially for dogs who are recovering from surgery or other medical treatments. It is beneficial for your dog in some ways. If you are interested in trying a bland diet for your dog, read on and see if it will be beneficial for your dog.

Why do I want to feed a dull die

What Is A Bland Diet?

A bland diet is a diet that consists of simple and not-so flavorful foods. It is designed for dogs who are suffering from digestive problems such as stomach sensitivity to food, diarrhea, vomiting, and food allergies, and is easily digested.

Dogs who undergo surgery may also be put on a bland diet because they will have a hard time digesting their food and it can help them combat the uneasy feeling in their stomachs. It is generally given in small but frequent portions and accompanied by plenty of water.

Although many dogs appreciate this diet and even enjoy it, a bland diet is not a long-term diet. It is made as a short-term solution for digestive problems and your dog will need to go back to his regular diet to get complete nutrition.

As bland diet consists of simple foods with not many ingredients and not heavy portions, they tend to lack enough calories, vitamins, and nutrients needed for growth and development and to sustain adult dogs.

How To Prepare A Bland Diet?

Easy to digest foods comprise a bland diet. The ingredients used are soothing to the digestive tract and avoid the usual things suspected of being stomach irritants. The ingredients that you will need to prepare for a bland diet for dogs will help restore digestive balance and normal stool.

The bland diet generally consists of lean meats, with the fat skimmed off.

Chicken and turkey are the usual protein, accompanied by rice or scrambled eggs. When preparing a bland meal, chop the protein into bite-sized pieces and either boil or steam it, and cook the rice in the regular way.

Prepare your starch in the same way and be sure not to add any oil or seasoning to it.

How To Feed Your Dog A Bland Diet?

Your vet might recommend putting your dog in a water diet for a couple of hours before starting a bland diet. This is to ensure that vomiting or diarrhea will not be triggered by any food and let your dog’s system settle down from all the heaving and excretion.

When you start feeding your dog with the bland diet start with a very small amount. If it does not trigger any vomiting or diarrhea you can give him more in the next hour. You can gradually increase his portion to half cups after hours of adjusting to the new diet.

You might need to put your dog continuously in this diet for a few days up to weeks depending on your vet’s advice. Just make sure that you are keeping your dog well hydrated all throughout this bland diet.

How long should a dog be on a bland diet?

This depends on why your dog is on a bland diet. If he has had an upset stomach, a bland diet should continue for several days, but if the reason is more severe, a bland diet can continue indefinitely.

Is tuna a bland food for dogs?

Tuna is a rich ily fish that's great for dogs, but due to its richness isn't included in a bland diet.

How much do I feed my dog on a bland diet?

Feed little but often. That way the dog's digestive tract isn't working hard all the time.

If your dog is experiencing digestive issues, make sure to check out our guide on what to do when your dog has constipation or acid reflux.

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