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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” — Roger Caras

Can Dogs Eat Garlic? Dog Nutrition Explained

Garlic has a lot of health benefits for us humans. It is rich in inulin, amino acids, zinc, and other nutrients plus it contains vitamins such as calcium, magnesium, and many more. But is it good to feed your dog garlic?

Is it safe for puppies to eat garlic

Is garlic safe for dogs?

While garlic is healthy for us, it is a different story for our pet dogs. This is because eating garlic may pose a threat to their health.

Before feeding your dog some garlic, make sure his or her digestive system is ready to take it in. Garlic is high in sulfur and fructans which may cause stomach upset, inflammatory bowel disease, and irritable bowel syndrome in dogs. Whenever fructans are not well-digested, they ferment in the small intestine then cause bloating and constipation.

Garlic belongs to the allium family which includes onions, leeks, and chives. They contain thiosulfate which can be poisonous to dogs. Thiosulfate may cause oxidative damage to the red blood cells and result in rapid breathing, lethargy, fatigue, jaundice, and dark-colored urine.

How much garlic is toxic to dogs?

Based on studies, it takes roughly 15 to 30 grams of garlic for the dog’s blood circulation to change. Note that a normal clove from the supermarket only weighs around 3 to 7 grams. This means that if your dog ingests this little amount, the chances of getting ill from toxins in the garlic will not be very high. However, some dogs are more sensitive than others, so do more research according to your dog’s breed.

Are there any benefits to feeding dogs garlic?

Again, garlic is not all bad for dogs as long as there is controlled consumption. In fact, garlic can also help your pet in some ways. It may prevent blood clot formation, widen blood vessels, decrease cholesterol build-up, and prevent tumors. Garlic may also aid in getting rid of fleas and ticks. In addition, the compounds found in garlic increases immunity in dogs and enhances natural killer cells.

An important thing to note when feeding garlic to your dogs is that it is best to give them raw ones. If your dog dislikes the taste of raw garlic, which some people do, a great option would be to give him or her these garlic chewables from Nutri Vet.

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These candies are safe and have a balanced amount of nutrients from garlic which dogs can indulge in. They contain Vitamin B complex, essential minerals, and rejuvenating antioxidants that will promote good overall health for your dog. Each Nutri-Vet Brewers Yeast with Garlic Chewable tablet has a great liver taste, which your dog will certainly appreciate and yearn for more. It is important for dog supplements to be good tasting for the dog so that delivery does not become a daunting task for the owner. Add to that the benefits of garlic, which is good for cardiovascular health, as well as a natural flea deterrent.

Do not be afraid to feed your pet dog a small amount of garlic. However, if your pet happens to consume a little too much garlic, the best thing to do is to bring him or her to a veterinarian and have him or her checked.

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Just how much garlic is poisonous to dogs?

Studies have discovered it takes roughly 15 to 30 g of garlic per kilograms of body fat to generate dangerous changes in a dog’s blood circulation. To put that into perspective, the normal clove of the supermarket weighs between 7 and 3 g, which means that your dog would need to consume a lot to get quite ill. But some dogs are more sensitive to garlic toxicity compared to others, and ingestion of a poisonous dose distribute within a couple of days may also lead to problems.

This implies that if your puppy stops something containing just tiny garlic, then he’ll likely be fine, but feeding it into your puppy is a recipe for failure.

Can I feed my puppy garlic bread?

Beef bread will almost surely grab your pet’s attention, however, together with garlic, it normally contains considerable quantities of oil, butter, cheese, and herbs which can upset your pet’s gut. This high-calorie food can also be a source of unneeded fat and calories and provides no nutritional advantages to your pet.

Concerns when using garlic for dogs

Garlic is secure for the dog once you feed it at proper quantities as I’ll describe later. But, there are several cautions.

Pregnant Dogs

Always be careful with any medication or supplement for dogs that are pregnant. Seek advice from your holistic vet when feeding garlic to expectant moms. Garlic also affects the taste of breast milk thus avoid feeding it into nursing dogs.


Do not give garlic to dogs under six months. Puppies eight months or less do not create new red blood cells so not provide garlic. For dogs aged six months for a year, you may be careful and feed half of the normal dose.

Breed Particular Difficulties

Chemical herbalist Susan Wynn cautions against lending garlic into Akitas and Shiba Inus. These strains are more sensitive to the hemolytic effects of oxidants like N-propyl disulfide found in garlic. Seek advice from your holistic veterinarian when you have questions about your pet’s breed associated dangers.

Medication Interactions

Garlic can interact with various kinds of drugs. Here’s a brief list of ones that you Want to be cautious with:

  • Immune suppressants
  • Heart drugs
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Blood thinners
  • Insulin
  • Antacids
  • High blood pressure medications.
  • Do not use garlic in case your puppy is on any of these drugs.

Since garlic influences blood clotting does not use it fourteen days before any scheduled operation.

Fixing garlic toxicity in dogs

If your puppy does consume a lot of garlic, then your very best choice is to simply take him to a vet. Garlic and onion poisoning are seldom fatal in dogs, however, your dog may require supportive services to keep him comfy. Your vet might recommend intravenous fluids to help keep him sterile and might prescribe a medicine to control nausea. In severe cases, blood transfusions may be critical.

The Way to Get Garlic For Dogs

The Way to Get Garlic For Dogs

Mixing alliin and alliinase forms allicin, the active medicinal ingredient.

Peel the cloves then mince, chop or crush the new garlic and let it sit a few minutes before use.

Allicin degrades fast, so utilize the garlic instantly following the”sitting” interval for the greatest benefit.

I quantify and then chop up my garlic and then set my timer for 10 minutes. Measure out the ideal quantity of garlic to your pet’s body fat and blend it in your food.

Alternatives to garlic to puppies

If you would like to provide your pet a healthy cure, think about feeding fruits and veggies which are high in valuable nutrients, such as apples, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, carrots, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes.

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Everything in nature could be poisonous in certain quantities. Common salt can destroy and so may water.

So, yes, garlic for puppies might be harmful when fed, but that should not prevent you away from using it today you learn how to do it securely.

Do not believe that you can find the dose right? Unable to mince, chop or crush garlic during the week? Do not have enough time to let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before use?

Then do not feed garlic to your puppy. It is That Easy.

Will a small amount of garlic hurt my dog?

Small amounts of garlic are alright, but a small amount for a large dog may prove to be fatal for a toy dog. So always be careful not to feed more than a quarter of a clove once a week for a large dog and less for a smaller pooch.

Will garlic bread hurt my dog?

The amount of garlic in garlic bread generally won't do him any harm; however, bread is not very good for dogs.

Can dogs eat meat cooked with garlic?

If you want to give your dog something that has been cooked with garlic, just keep an eye on him afterwards, but he should be alright.

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