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Can I Give my Dog Apple Cider Vinegar? All the Facts

Over the past years, information about the benefits of apple cider vinegar on humans has flooded the internet. Since then, it has been used as a remedy for different health problems and has proven its effect on humans.

But how about for animals, specifically for dogs? Can we use apple cider vinegar on our fur babies?

11 Ways Dog Lovers Could Use ACV

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is made from crushed apples, sugar, and yeast. The liquid then produces sugar that turns into alcohol. Then a second fermentation is done to turn the alcohol into vinegar using bacteria to produce acetic acid. This acid is what makes the vinegar taste extra tangy.

Can we use apple cider vinegar on dogs? How can I use it on my dog?

Apple cider vinegar is basically made from apples, so it is completely safe for dogs. The most popular uses of apple cider vinegar on dogs are the treatment of itchy skin, ear cleaner, and flea and tick repellent.

ACV can help relieve your dog’s itch problems by making a 50/50 solution of it and water in a spray bottle and sprinkling it to your pet’s itchy spots. Just make sure your dog does not have an open wound before you spray the solution all over its body.

When dogs experience itchiness on its skin, chances are they also have itchy ears. You can use ACV to clean your pet’s ears and prevent any kind of infection. You can make a cleanser by creating a solution containing half ACV and half purified water. Clean your dog’s ears with this solution by carefully swabbing them using cotton balls.

Apple cider vinegar can also solve your pet’s tick and flea problems by acting as a repellent if you dilute a certain amount into your dog’s food or water. This may also aid in digestion as the vinegar contains acids that increase good bacteria in the stomach. However, do make sure your dog is actually drinking and isn’t put off by the sharp taste.

If your dog does not experience or exhibit any of these health issues, you can give them these yummy gummies from Belive as a form of multivitamins.

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Although apple cider vinegar may be used as a regular dietary supplement and treatment for dogs, there are no accurate details on how much to give. Therefore, pet parents must be a little more observant of how their pets react to ACV when used on them and remember to consult a veterinarian if they notice any unusual side effects of it.

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