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How To Build A Dog Kennel From Scratch

How To Build A Dog Kennel From Scratch? [ New 2020]

Your dog’s house is his comfort zone and his territory especially when he is feeling tired or sick.

Consider what you will use the foundation for

It is important to always look out for his safety and comfort inside his dog house. Each dog house is unique to its owner. The design, built, and feel should be customized to your dog’s specific needs. If you have plenty of time to spare or you love doing DIY projects, you should try making your beloved dog his customized kennel.

Creating your Do-it-Yourself Kennel

1. Select the location
The first step to creating your DIY Kennel is selecting a location where you would build your kennel. This would greatly affect the overall design and structure depending on where you plan to build your dog’s kennel. The location can also affect the materials that will be needed to build the kennel. It is very important to consider the essentials like the distance from a water supply, shade from the sun, distance from your house.

2. Foundation
Once you figure out the location where you will build your dog’s kennel that will help determine what kind of foundation you will use. A dog will need a dry area that is well insulated but will also have enough ventilation on hot days. You must also consider if it frequently rains in your area because you will need to put a water-resistant material that is high enough to prevent water from coming in.

We recommend the Kennel Deck Revival Flooring System for your DIY dog house foundation.

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This will ensure you have a clean and durable flooring for your dog’s house. It is made from a high-density resin that will give your dog a comfortable home. Some of its features are easy drainage, great air circulation, and non-skid flooring. Putting a good elevated flooring in your dog’s house will keep your dog from accumulating dirt and mud inside the house. Securing your dog’s flooring will contribute to his overall health welfare.

3. Frame
This will depend on the design and size you are going for. A frame is needed to ensure the safety and durability of the walls. You will need to make plans for this.

4. Walls
Use wood if you need extra insulation and it is also easier to set up. Make sure that you dedicate a small opening for your dog’s door. Attach the wood for the walls to the frame using a drill and screws.

5. Roof
Give enough room above your dog’s head to ensure it is not crammed in there. Make a triangular roof for better ventilation and to prevent snow and rain from collecting in the roof.

6. Décor
Enhance your finished dog house by using non-toxic and non-smelling paint. Use a shade that your dog loves or decorate with a theme. Also buy some furnishings like carpet, bed, pillow, and blanket. Put in your dog’s favorite toy inside too. You can also add some accessories like a nameplate or lights outside the dog house.

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