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How to Safely Catch a Stray Dog

Caring for the Dogs Noone Loves

So you went this far looking for tips that you think may be helpful in saving a poor dog that you have been seeing around for days. It is safe to assume that you have a kind, loving heart for dogs, even to the needy homeless ones. Good news! This article is for you, because even superheroes need advice, and you deserve nothing but the best tips in catching stray dogs.

Encountering a Stray Dog

Show your calm aura

Your calmness calms the dog. Take note that dogs can be fearful in situations that are new to them. Seeing a new face coming at them may scare the hell out of them, and it may trigger a “fight or flight” response. A welcoming and non-threatening attitude can easily attract these buds and eventually make them want you to be their new-found friend. Patience is also necessary. You may want to calmly stay for quite longer until they get to feel that you are not a danger.

Dogs are experts in body language. Blinking, yawning, and moving from the side can make a dog feel that you will not cause harm.

When the dog comes near you, let him smell you. It is their manner of knowing you better.

Take a lot of caution especially when the dog becomes more comfortable with you.

Keep your hands far from the dog to avoid it from being bitten by him.

A calculated and controlled behavior is necessary

Even if this dog is the cutest creature you have ever seen in your whole life, be mindful in resisting the desire to do attention-seeking acts just to make the dog to come near you. He might interpret those behaviors as threatening. Thus, him running off in a panic may happen.

If you are trying to catch his attention, you may want to consider the use of relaxing sounds.

You can also do simple gestures to communicate that you are not a danger to him.

Moving slowly and lowering yourself while looking at the dog on his level will make you less intimidating to him.

Running away from the dog ends everything

It is worth remembering that the dog is more afraid of you than you are of him, especially if he is showing an aggressive behavior.

Staying while doing the previous tips to prove the dog that you mean no harm is important.

If you need to distance yourself from the dog, it is better to walk backwards, and it should be slowly done. Again, you are trying to gain his trust.

A pal could help

Dogs are naturally pack animals. If a stray dog sees you having a good time walking with another dog, he may show you a trusting behavior. Experts call this technique as “magnet dog”.

The use of magnet dogs may attract the stray dog to come near you.

Take note that the magnet dog you will bring with you should be playful and friendly. This will give the stray dog a reason to make you and your magnet dog his new buddies.

Offer simple treats

A stray dog, who has been walking around and assumed to be hungry, may be more than ready to come near if you have food to offer.

Begin with throwing some to his direction and see if he will like what you brought him.

Doing it slowly while not getting overly excited will give more assurance that the dog will not be frightened of you. So relax!

Safety should be your main priority

Again, you are a superhero, and you mean well for trying to save a stray dog. However, you cannot always tell what the dog would really feel in that situation.

Trapping the dog in confined area will lessen the danger for both of you.

You must consider calling the animal control or a professional dog catcher to help you rescue the dog.

It does not end there

Knowing what to do after a successful rescue is as important as everything you did during the rescue. Finding out the dog’s identification is necessary.

Providing the animal control all information that you know about the dog is a good start. This could help them in tracing the dog’s owners, or in assessing if he needs to be kept in a shelter.

Looking far a tag or any identification around the dog’s collar (if he is wearing one) will help.

If you are not as successful in finding the dog’s owner, you may want to consider adopting the poor pal especially if animal shelters near you do not have the capacity to house newly rescued dogs and if you are already falling for the dog’s cuteness. The last reason is enough, yes? Yes!

Dogs, like humans, have the need for love, care, and attention. When they get lost, or grow up without an owner, they lose their sense of purpose. When you attempt to rescue a poor dog in the street, look for his owner, or take care of him yourself, you are not just making a difference in his life. You are also making your community a huge favor, and a superhero like you should be celebrated. Carry on!

This video provides some really great hacks for humanely trapping a stray dog:


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