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How To Make An Adjustable Paracord Dog Collar

Making an Adjustable Paracord Dog Collar – Pretty and Effective

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We love Paracord dog collars or anything of the same style. They are unique, cool, and at the same time very sturdy.

We personally love the Blueberry Pet Dog Collar. It has a dedicated loop tied to the logo for attaching dog tags, pendants, and accessories. It has a variety of colors to match your every mood, and is pet perfect!

Blueberry Pet 15 Colors 3M Reflective Multi-Colored Stripe Adjustable Dog Collar, Violet and Celeste, Large, Neck 18"-26"

But if you are feeling arty you can make your adjustable dog collar from paracord! Perfect when you want to tinker around or your dog added a few pounds and you need a new collar in the meantime.

A paracord is a general-purpose utility cord that is both lightweight and durable. It is made of nylon and is originally used in parachutes. Having paracord is very handy in different situations. It comes in different colors so you can stylize based on your dog’s fashion.

In this article, you will learn a new skill of weaving a paracord collar.

Steps in Making an Adjustable Paracord Dog Collar

  1. Prepare your materials. Get 2 colors of paracord, a plastic or metal buckle, a D-ring, a lighter, and scissors.
  2. If you want to use two colors of paracord, start by joining these two colors together using a lighter. Melt the ends and stick and press them together.
  3. Get your buckle. Fold the paracord in half from where you have joined the two colors together and push it through the female buckle.
  4. Secure your cord and your buckle by making a hitch knot
  5. Measure out your dog’s neck to see the length needed for your paracord. Loop it twice through the other end of the buckle(male) to secure it.
  6. Slide in the D-ring near to the make buckle.
  7. Start doing the cobra weave.

Cobra weave:

You have two colors on the outer part of your paracord and buckle, one on your left, let’s call it to cord 1, and one on your right, let’s call it to cord 2.

  1. Take cord 1 and put it over the middle cords, then under cord 2.
  2. Take cord 2 and put it under the middle cords, then through the loop created by cord 1.
  3. Push everything with your thumb and pull cords 1 and 2 to tighten.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3. Continue until you reach the other end of the buckle(female).
  5. Pull the cords through the female buckle and knot.
  6. Trim the excess paracord and seal with a lighter.

It takes a bit of practice in perfecting the cobra weave but it is a handy skill to have especially if you love doing DIY with ropes, cords, and strings. You can also do this weave with different types of cords and for different purposes like accessory making, bracelets, and anklets.

Now fit that adorable and cool DIY paracord collar to your lucky pet! Your dog will surely enjoy your handmade love for him.

Blueberry Pet 15 Colors 3M Reflective Multi-Colored Stripe Adjustable Dog Collar, Blue and White, Large, Neck 18"-26"

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  • Neck 18"-26", Width 1", Size Large; The collar does not stretch itself, please make sure leave ONLY 2 fingers between collar and dog neck. A properly fitting collar and harness won't leave any room for your dog to chew
  • The collar is not for tie out. NEVER leave your dog unattended with a collar on
  • The 3M reflective threads are only stitched in part of the polyester webbing. Not the entire webbing is embedded with reflective threads. The black color buckles are made of ecofriendly plastic. The metal D ring is matt grey coated to add durability
  • The loop tied to the logo is specifically designed for the purpose of attaching dog charms, tags, pendants or accessories. Please do not attach any dog leash with this loop
  • All pictures are taken with our production samples from a size of Medium (Width 3/4", Neck 14.5-20"); Please measure your pets carefully to make a safe and fit purchase. Always look at the size chart for the recommended weight range to confirm the size
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