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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” — Roger Caras
What To Do With A Stray Dog At Night
What To Do With A Stray Dog At Night

How to Cope with a Stray Dog Overnight

As tempting as it is, you might want to immediately take home that cute little puppy you saw across the street.

Another situation could be that you encountered an injured puppy that you want to immediately rush to the vet. Whatever situation you might be in when you see a stray puppy, here are some basic guidelines on dealing with a stray puppy.

12 Things To Do When You Find A Stray Dog In Night

Find a nearby dog shelter

A dog shelter might not be the first place in your mind to deliver a stray puppy. You might want to check in with the shelter to see if anyone is looking for a lost puppy in case the owner drops by at the shelter.

Request the shelter staff to scan the puppy

Another service you can get from the shelter is scanning the puppy for an implanted microchip.

Document a “found dog” report in the shelter

File a “found dog” report in the shelter even if you do not want to leave the puppy there. This report will help reach the owner if there is, and also secures your right to the dog in case anyone claims or adopts the dog in the future.

Take a photo of the dog and put out fliers

Fliers are very helpful in reaching out to the owner of a lost dog. Most of us are unaware of how neighbors know so much of the dogs in the community, therefore they might be a great help in pointing you in the right direction.

Secure the health and well-being of the dog

If you plan to take home the dog after the steps above, it is important to secure the dog’s well-being and health by checking him out first. Notice if there are any injuries or cuts and bruises on his skin that needs cleaning and bandaging. Also, check for ticks and fleas to make sure you are also protected. Observe the dog’s behavior before trying to bath him or bringing him inside the house.

Provide a safe space

A stray puppy might be traumatized or anxious from being lost and wandering in the streets. Make sure to give him a safe space to relax and rest for the night. It is also an extra precaution to separate the stray dog from other pets in the house if you have any or kids that might play with him. It pays to be extra cautious guarding against fleas that might transfer to your things and pets at home. Also, be wary of strange dogs around your kids.

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Visit the Veterinarian

Book an early appointment with your veterinarian to get the stray dog checked immediately. There might be needs that you are not aware of or health concerns that you are not noticing. It will be good for you both to get him checked by the vet so you can also give him medicine and vitamins if needed.

Get to know the stray dog

Once you have done the steps above, you should get to know him especially when you have decided to give him a home inside your home. Observe how he responds to you by playing a few fetch games or bringing him along to the park and see how he interacts with other dogs walking around there. Make sure to get a good, comfortable harness when walking your new dog.

What should you do if you see a stray dog?

If you see a stray dog, be very careful to approach him quietly after alerting the relevant authorities. Don't make any suffen moves and talk in a quiet, calming voice.

Is it safe to pet stray dogs?

It's not a good idea to pet a stray dog as you don't know what he's been through. Allow him to approach you and give him plenty of room to run away if he feels he needs too.

Which country has no stray dogs?

According to the World Health Organisation, there are more than 200 million stray dogs globally. The Netherlands, however, has none thanks to its strict animal protection laws.