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What Kind Of Dog Is Benji

What Breed of Dog is Benji, the Canine Superstar?

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This adorable face is known to many for appearing on screen many times, but still, a lot of people want to know – what dog breed is Benji? 

This is Benji, a fictional and lovable dog created by Joe Camp for the Benji film franchise.

Benji has been appearing in movies and television series since 1974, the last time in 2018 through Netflix. The Benji franchise has so far released seven films, three TV series, two documentaries, and even a video game! How adorable is that? Benji also had cameo appearances in two movies. First in an American slapstick titled “Hawmps!” in 1976 and the other one in “The Double McGuffin” in 1979, an American mystery film. The 2018 Netflix-released film is an American family drama that was written by Brandon Camp.

Benji is a rescue dog, just like the role he portrays in the movie. He was a stray dog that was abandoned in a parking lot and was later brought to a rescue shelter. You may ask, “How can anyone just leave behind this darling doggie?” I know, I know. I ask myself the same question. How can anyone resist the look of those brown eyes, not to mention his charming behavior?

Going back to the question, so what dog breed is Benji, really? The answer is none, none in particular to be clear. Benji is a mixed-breed mutt which according to its creator displays the attributes of a Tibetan Terrier and a Spaniel.

The original Benji, whose name is Higgins, was actually from the Burbank Animal Shelter when he was still a little puppy. His trainer believed he was a mixture of a miniature poodle, a cocker spaniel, and a schnauzer, although in the shelter he was labeled as a border terrier.

If you are looking for a dog that exactly looks like adorable Benji, I’m afraid you won’t be able to find one that easily.

Try your luck by visiting shelters and rescues to look for a pup that speaks to you. You may not find something that resembles Benji, but we are pretty sure a pup in there wants to be taken by you. Should you get one, why don’t you teach him some “Benji tricks?” Get The Benji Method book and teach your new baby to do what Benji does in the movies.

The Benji Method - Teach Your Dog to Do What Benji Does in the Movies

Who knows, you may get to adopt a new Netflix star!

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