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What Kind Of Dog Is Bolt

What Kind Of Dog Is Bolt? [ Updated new 2020]



Almost everyone has his or her favorite superhero. When people get asked to name their choice, the most common answers would be Superman, Wonder Woman, Ironman, and the likes, who all have something in common. They are all humans turned supernatural beings in various ways, but have animals ever crossed your mind when you get into the topic of “superheroes”?

In 2008, Disney released a comedy-adventure animation about a superhero dog named Bolt, starred by the voices of huge starts Miley Cyrus and John Travolta.

The movie is about a dog, which happens to be a television star, and his adventure in trying to rescue his owner named Penny.  Bolt spent his entire life training to become a TV star and was therefore deprived of a life in the outside world. In the TV show, Bolt almost exhausts his superpowers to save Penny from being captive by an evil doctor. To make the scenes realistic, Bolt was made to believe that he is indeed a superhero dog in real life. This trick almost put Bolt and Penny’s life in danger.

Not only did Bolt appear in a self-titled movie, but also in some other creative works such as a short film entitled Super Rhino, video games entitled Bolt and Disney Infinity, trade card named Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, plus adorable cameo appearances in the Disney movies Tangled, Big Hero 6 and Wreck it Ralph.

This superhero dog character was created by the directors and Joe Moshier, a character designer. Many people ask though, what dog breed is Bolt based on? The superhero dog character is a fictional white German shepherd, known for being obedient and loyal. These characteristics may have been the reason for choosing this certain breed to represent Bolt. White German shepherd dogs are just like the usual German shepherds we see around, only they have thick white coats which make them stand out.

The movie Bolt was nominated for various awards from various award-winning bodies such as Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Film Feature. If you have not seen the movie, we strongly suggest that you do because you are missing a lot of fun here!

If you are a huge fan and can’t get enough of this fierce but adorable super doggy, check out this polyester fiber made Disney Bolt Plush which you can stare at and hug when you need a dose of cuteness!

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