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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” — Roger Caras

What Breed of Dog is Jiffpom? The Adorable Popular Pup

What Is JiffPom’s Breed?

JiffPom is a Pomeranian puppy who has garnered a huge social media following for his cute outfits, charming antics, and just being downright adorable. He was born in Chicago on February 26, 2010. Before his international fame, he became known for having 2 Guinness World Records: fastest 10-meter run using only his hind legs, and fastest 5-meter run with only his front paws.

After gaining a huge following on social media, he started appearing in several advertisements for several companies such as Goal, Banana Republic, and Target. He also appeared in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video was previously a guest for a Dodgers game. He had been photographed with a lot of celebrities such as Shawn Mendez and Jojo Siwa. To top it all off, he even starred in the film “Adventures in Bailey: A Night in Cowtown” and in an episode of Disney’s Bizaardvark!

What Type Of Dog Is Jiffpom

Pomeranian Dog Breed History

Pomeranians, sometimes shortened into Pom, came from the region of Pomerania, situated in between Germany and Poland. They are descendants of larger Spitz dogs, particularly the German Spitz.

This breed became popular in the 18th century after several members of the British royal family, most notably Queen Victoria, started to keep them as pets. Considered as a pure breed, their size shrank by half over the years, and have been classed as a toy dog breed because of this.

Pomeranian Dog Breed Behavior & Health

As you may have noticed, JiffPom is a very sociable dog, which is a common trait among Pomeranians. Their stature may be small, but they are active toy dogs and loves moving around. Since they are an energetic bunch, they’ll need daily exercise. Even something as simple as walking in the park will do.

Unfortunately, no amount of exercise can address some of the health problems this breed normally suffers, which includes luxating patella. Additionally, Pomeranians may get Alopecia X, a skin condition also known as “black skin disease”. This is a hereditary disease that turns the dog’s skin to black and shed all or almost all of its hair.

Despite this, Pomeranians continue to be one of the most popular breeds that owners choose to have. As of 2013, they have rated among the top fifty most well-known breeds in the United States, and the current trend for smaller dogs has increased their popularity globally.

Because of this breed’s popularity, it wasn’t surprising how Jiff managed to capture the hearts of people all over the world. With his fashionable costumes and cute antics, he became an instant celebrity.  Even non-pet owners were won over by his adorable charm!

Jiffpom the Dog FAQs

How old is Jiffpom now?

Jiffpom was born on February 26, 2010.

Is Boo the same dog as Jiffpom?

Pomeranians Boo and Jiff are super fluffy and so cute, but they are not the same dog.

Where is Jiffpom right now?

Although born in Illinois, Jiffpom moved to Los Angeles to continue his growing his fame!